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Stud Slips into the Lime Light

Ashley one night was touring Las Vegas for a Stud poker room. Heading straight for Bellagio at the Strip, he inquired for a room and players that he met only snubbed him. The reply was shocking to him because there was a game and 15 players are enlisted to play the night away.

The number shocked him not because they were more than ten but he was not expecting such a large number. Ashley is living during the time that Stud poker has become the center of attention of all poker games. Guess times have changed.

Of Stud poker games seven-card Stud is the most famous. In seven card stud accommodating two to seven players is not unusual. Each player is dealt seven cards. Four of which are facing up and the remaining three are facing down. The goal of the game is to create the best hand using the seven cards and no more drawing.

There are five rounds of betting and each round is with each face up card dealt then the final round with a face down card. In the first two rounds, two cards are dealt face up each round. On the third, fourth and fifth, one of the three cards is slowly turned up.

Ashley asked about poker one February month in August. The months passed away and there were no improvements from the number of players. The closest thing the stud poker room had was having a player sign up.

Hold'em poker rooms were not hard to find and most of the time they have more than ten players. Stud poker's popularity might have been limited during the 1990s.

No casino on the strip has a room for stud, except for Bellagio. It is only here that Stud poker realy spread. On any ordinary day, stud poker rooms are as silent as a ghost town but during tournements they are packed.

The Mirage, a former hot seat of Stud poker has decreased in players also. When Ashley when to check on it, there was only one player listed for the whole week.

Checking on the other casinos in town, Ashley went to Caesar's. A stud poker room was non-existent. It was the same with Hilton, MGM, and Tuscany. 'There never was a stud poker room here', said the dealer at Imperial Palace. It seems Stud poker is slipping to the dark side never to be seen again.