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Simple Way of Calculating Odds

Calculating odds is a necessary skill for all poker players. Poker is not just a game of blind luck, there are poker strategies formed by using math. Estimating the odds is the most fundamental decision a poker player must decide on and yet most of the time it is ignored by novice and intermediate poker players.

Once down on the poker table, unless you have a gift for mathematics, calculating the odds of your poker hand is difficult if you want the precise numbers. If you really insist on the accurate figures, either you do the math at home on all the possible combination or check for poker software to download that can do such things. Even if you have the results at hand, you have to memorize them before taking a seat at the poker table for it would be annoying to other poker players for you to glance at something everytime before making a decision.

That option sounds awfully difficult. Another poker strategy to do estimates the odds or just an approximation of the odds. You have to figure the 'outs' first then multiply it with the number of hits possible.

Outs refer to any cards that makes your poker hand complete. To check this out, calculate the cards up for grabs to complete your poker hand. Take for example you have a poker hand of As and 8s and the flop shows with Qd 9s 4s. With such poker hand, you are looking for the flush draw. With thirteen spades in a deck and four them are already out, that leaves you nine spades and the chances to hit is two.

The next step in this poker strategy to calculating odds is to multiply the outs and the chances of hit. In the sample poker hand, the equation would be nine outs times two chances equals to eighteen. Then double the product and place a percentage sign. With that the approximate percentage of you completing your poker hand into a flush is 36%. The actual percentage is at 34.9% so the one we computed is not that far off and able to be used for betting decisions.

A reminder though of this poker strategy, the percentage refers to your chances of hitting if you draw and it does not refer to your chances of winning the pot. That would be another computation. There is still the possibility that during the river additional cards will hit with your poker hand but at the showdown you lose the pot to somebody else.