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McEvoy & Daugherty Writes a Book About Satellite Tournament Strategy

The person who invented gambling may be described as smart while the person who created the gambling chip may be described as a genius. Same goes for the inventors of poker tournament and tournament satellite. Poker giant Benny Binion is someone that the poker public considers as a smart guy because of his move to make poker tournaments possible. And then, there's Eric Drache who is considered by the poker public as a genius because of his move to invent tournament satellite.

For those who are not familiar what tournament satellite is, this is a kind of tournament wherein the winner is given the opportunity to participate in a major poker tournament. It was through tournament satellite that poker giant Chris Moneymaker started his way through poker fame. He is known to have a rags-to-riches story because he only parlayed a US$40 buy-in, won in satellite tournaments, and won in major poker tournaments.

There are not a lot of poker books that concentrate on tournament satellites, which is the reason why the poker book "Championship Satellite Strategy" has been given a lot of attention after being published by Cardsmith Publishing. "Championship Satellite Strategy" obviously focuses on the topic of tournament satellite. Apparently, poker players and authors Tom McEvoy and Brad Daugherty did the right thing of publishing a poker book on such subject.

Tom McEvoy and Brad Daugherty are very popular among poker fans because they have always been two of the well-respected veterans in the poker tournament circuit. Both have won in tournament satellites and both own World Series of Poker bracelets. There is no denying that Tom McEvoy and Brad Daugherty are both very knowledgeable about the topic of tournament satellite.

The contents of "Championship Satellite Strategy" include online satellites, multi-table super satellites, two-tier satellites, and one-table satellites. It may seem that the contents of "Championship Satellite Strategy" provide adequate information but actually, this poker book lacks some information too.

For instance, the types of poker games discussed in this poker book are no-limit Holdem and limit Holdem only, when in fact, there are other types of poker games played in the format of tournament satellite. Furthermore, Tom McEvoy and Brad Daugherty concentrate their writing on the topic of one-table tournaments only. They only provide some commentaries on other tournament formats but not as informative as how one-table tournaments are discussed.

Readers will definitely be satisfied with the pieces of advice and tips offered by Tom McEvoy and Brad Daugherty in "Championship Satellite Strategy." Despite the fact that this poker book lacks some information, it is nevertheless an informative and useful tool even for the less experienced poker players.