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Long Crazy Pineapple and Manila: Community Poker Variations

Learning the different kinds or variations of the famous casino card game poker is advantageous to gamblers since it enables them to uncover the opportunities that each variant offers to them. Community poker is the most common kind of poker that gamblers can play at casinos. Other than Texas Holdem and Omaha Holdem, two enthralling variations of community poker are Long Crazy Pineapple and Manila.

Long Crazy Pineapple and Manila are available in some live casinos and online casinos. Hence, gamblers who like these games do not spend time looking for gaming facilities that offer them. To be sure that they will beat other players and the dealer in Long Crazy Pineapple and Manila, they must know the fundamental aspects of the games like their rules and basic strategies.

How to Play Long Crazy Pineapple

The mechanics in playing Long Crazy Pineapple are attractive and inviting. This game is easy to play. It starts with players making forced bets or antes. The dealer gives each player three hole cards at the flop. The initial betting round comes after players discard one of their three cards.

At the turn, the dealer deals another hole card to each player then player discards one card and another betting round occurs. The same format applies during the river and then comes the showdown. At the showdown, players reveal their cards and the one with the best three card hand wins the pot.

Play and Win in Manila

A famous community poker variation in Australia, specifically in Sydney's Star City casino, Manila is similar with Spanish poker. Unlike other kinds of poker, Manila only uses 32 cards, which composed of cards of all suits that range from ace to seven. It is essential that players know that a flush in Manila, a flush is more dominant than a full house.

The dealer distributes two cards each to players then reveals one community card. A betting round follows. This process continues until all the dealer reveals three community cards. The player with the best five card hand takes home the pot.

Long Crazy Pineapple and Manila are two different community poker variations. Learning their mechanics are easy but winning in these games may be hard. Hence, gamblers who want to try and excel in Long Crazy Pineapple and Manila should have background on general community poker strategies so they can beat their opponents. Above all, it is advantageous if players have understanding on how to manage their stakes well to avoid experiencing bankruptcy.