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Developing Long Term Poker Strategies

Often new Poker simply go into a game with a handful of cash and play. Without nay sort of strategy, game or bankroll wise, they will end up on the losing end. That is what the pros refer to as poor short term Poker strategy, because they are only focused on the current game.

If you are interested in playing Poker well, then it is important that you develop a long term Poker strategy. When it comes to games like Texas Holdem, it is important that you have a bankroll management plan aimed at the long term. Always bring in at least a 100 times the minimum bet, and in games like 7 Card Stud or 2-7 Triple Draw, 40 times the smallest bet.

Why is this important? Because you will never know when you will get the AK or full house, only to find that the stakes have been raised so high pre flop that your bankroll will not allow you to bet anymore. It can be very frustrating to settle for a small pot when your nut hand could have given you so much more.

Part of any long term Poker strategy means also keeping your eye on the overall scheme of things. By this we mean, how much have you actually won or lost in total? If you won $200 in this hand, you should check first the losses you accumulated in previous hands. If it exceeds over $200 then you are still in the red.

Similarly, losing a couple of hundred on a hand may hurt, but you should also consider how much you have won in the previous games. By keeping your wins and losses updated, you will have a better sense of where you stand. Very often, you will see a lot of players on the table that become so involved in a game, winning or losing.

These individuals clearly do not know how much they won or lost in total. For this reason, you should also make it a point never to mix your earnings with your bankroll.

Long term Poker strategies are not limited to only the bankroll and the game you are playing. Player reading also counts. Why? Because by investing in this area, you will be able to make accurate decisions in the future games, giving you the upper hand.

Poker is a game, yes, but it does not mean you should just play around. Some people do, and by developing long term strategies and tactics, you will be able to outwit them and win many pots.