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Becoming Aware of Poker Cheats

Although cheating by Poker players in casinos are no longer as prevalent as they were in the 1970s, due to the improved technology and security features, there are a still a few who try to hoodwink their way to the pot. To steer clear of these players you should still be alert at the tables.

When you are playing in a casino, you should always try to keep an eye on the other players. Not just for tells, but also for any sort of suspicious behavior. Frequently those Poker players who try to cheat work in tandem.

Usually they send signals to each other -be it through hand signals, removing the cap, placing a chip here etc- and this is usually followed by a bet, raise or fold by the other player.

If you spot any of these unusual actions by players, then you should go and inform the casino manager. Although the chances are very good that the cameras will have caught them anyway, you should still do your duty and inform the person in authority.

Another thing that you can do to avoid being cheated is to be careful with your hands. Make certain that you protect your hands, and that they will not be seen by other players.

When it comes to Poker home games, things can be more difficult as there is no floor manager to speak of. In this case, make sure you keep an eye on the guy who is shuffling the cards. Also, it will not hurt to know something about the players you are competing against.

Here, reading the Poker players' actions are very important too, and any time that you find something amiss, you should not hesitate to discuss with the other participants. Of course, you should explain what you saw, and try to be as calm and lucid as possible. Getting too emotional will not help. Instead, try to be as clear as you can.

Cheating in casino Poker games are very rare nowadays, and those that even attempt it are always caught by the hi tech security cameras and videos. However, it is still important that you try to make certain that you do your part to not get hoodwinked.

As for home games, it is essential that you know the ways and means that cheaters work. By being informed on their ways, you can play easy, knowing that you will never be victimized by Poker cheaters.