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A High Pair in Poker

What does a high pair carry in poker? How strong is it for a playing hand? Below is a short analysis of a high pair in poker.

A high pair in poker played pre-flop is a much coveted starting hand. Mostly a high pair in poker can perform well from start to mid play with enough betting and positioning skills. Favorite high pairs in poker are pairs of aces, of kings, or of queens. Jacks may be treated a high pair in poker but some players don't. Because many poker players are of this view, in some poker venues a pair of jacks is seen as something lower than pocket pairs.

With a high pair in poker we can always opt to raise prior the flop to make as many weak hands fold early in the game. The more hands that fold the fewer the players and the better and faster we can work up the pot. With many players, some situations may still arise that may make weak hands position better for a strategy.

If we find ourselves in a late position, we find ourselves witnessing many players first to act raising and cleaning up the game by making other players fold. If we're the blind and a raise has been made by somebody else, we may re-raise with our high pair in poker to enlarge the pot with another betting round. This may also make a limping small blind fold if the player has a weaker hand than our high pair in poker.

Make sure that we take advantage of our high pair. It's highly unimaginable that we should be limping with this hand. And this would happen if we get careless enough to let a chance to raise pass us by, especially raising the big blind. It would be a shame if our high pair in poker is just undermined by non-connectors, though suited. At pre-flop and no one has yet raised, we should grab the opportunity to raise.

High pairs are supposed to be formidable hands in poker. Experts will tell us that a high pair in poker is very suitable for calling raises or do a gradual bet rather than hinder the pot or re-raise before the flop. In case some other player did a raise before us, we can come back in the next flop and make the raiser fold with our final high pair in poker.

A high pair in poker is not only powerful but flexible to maneuver with for a win.